Doctors, you can now

stop your patients

from turning to Google

for healthcare info!

Educate your patients during their care journey. Guide and get them involved in your treatment.

What you can do on HealthyJio

Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

  • List the treatment protocols that you have adopted for your practice.
  • Define the patient journey for each protocol.
  • Create standard messages to guide your patients during their journey.
  • Optionally, customize the messages before sending them out to your patients.
  • Provide patients with decision making aids as part of their journey.
  • Create your patient community. Share your wisdom. Engage with public.

The Public

  • Locate patient-centric doctors. Consult them at their clinics.
  • Join communities run by doctors and benefit from their wisdom.
  • Obtain information and guidance directly from your doctor during your care journey.
  • Share your care preferences and treatment concerns with your doctor.
  • Become an active participant in your health care.
  • Become a better equipped person to consult doctors.

The People

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