• Healthcare Outcomes
  • HealthyJio and Healthcare Professionals
  • HealthyJio and Individuals

Healthcare Outcomes

Individual health outcomes are the results people care about most when seeking healthcare treatment, including functional improvement and the ability to live normal, productive lives. (http://www.ichom.org/). They are the only ones that matter in personal healthcare.

We believe improved health outcomes is a result of the combined efforts of both the individual and the healthcare professional. HealthyJio works to help them both in their endeavours.

HealthyJio and Healthcare Professionals

Today’s patients want to play an active role in their medical treatment. Encourage their participation and improve your doctor-patient relationship.
This quote is an excerpt from the book, Successful Medical Practise by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani

Improve a patient’s healthcare outcomes by practicing patient relationship management. HealthyJio helps you to:

  • Educate the public and your patients.
  • Engage with your patients.
  • Refer standard treatment guidelines at the point of consultation.
  • Maintain and access patients’ consolidated health and medical history.
  • Offer online consultation.
  • Drive prescription compliance.

Use technology smartly and cleverly to engage with your patients and enhance your brand in your community.

HealthyJio and Individuals

In his book, How to get the best medical care, Dr. Malpani writes,

...learn to take an active interest in your medical care. After all, this is the only body you have! It’s a simple fact of life that patients who know how to make the most of their doctor get better medical care.

HealthyJio helps you to take charge of your health. Improve your healthcare outcomes by:

There is no person more interested in your health than yourself!